Vegan Burger Bar

Our branding agency was approached by a burger restaurant in Paris to revamp their branding and make it more appealing to their target audience – young people aged 15-20. The client had a basic logo idea, but it lacked vibrancy and didn’t resonate with the youthful energy the restaurant wanted to convey. Our task was to create a new logo, brand identity, Instagram design, and product packaging that would better capture the restaurant’s vibe and appeal to its target demographic.

To achieve this, we drew inspiration from graffiti art and street culture, using bold, edgy fonts and vibrant imagery that would stand out and catch the eye of passersby. The new logo features a graffiti-style font, with bright colors and playful elements that capture the fun and casual atmosphere of the restaurant. We also developed a brand identity that incorporated this graffiti-inspired aesthetic, with bold colors, textured backgrounds, and playful patterns that gave the brand a unique and unmistakable look.

To help the restaurant connect with their young audience on social media, we designed a custom Instagram feed with a graffiti-inspired grid layout and playful graphics that would attract attention and encourage engagement. Finally, we created packaging designs that reflected the restaurant’s new look and feel, using bright colors, bold typography, and playful illustrations to make the brand stand out on store shelves and appeal to a younger audience.

Overall, our team was thrilled with the results of the project, and we’re proud to have helped this Parisian burger restaurant update its brand identity and connect with a new generation of customers.


Identity & Rebranding​

Vegan Burger Bar


Vegan Burger Bar Logo
The new logo of Vegan Burger Bar
Vegan Burger Packaging Design
The packaging design of Vegan Burger Bar products
Vegan Burger Packaging Design
The packaging design of Vegan Burger Bar products
Vegan Burger Bar Instagram Icons Design
The Instagram icons design of Vegan Burger Bar
Vegan Burger Bar Instagram Design
The Instagram design of Vegan Burger Bar
Instagram Post Plan Design
The Instagram Post plan design of Vegan Burger Bar