Who we are

A2studio has created a team of partners, with each partner taking responsibility for overseeing a specific area of the agency's activities and coordinating the work of relevant specialists. This approach allows us to achieve the best results in each area of our agency's work by leveraging the unique skills and expertise of each partner.


By working collaboratively and combining our efforts, we can effectively achieve our goals and deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. This also ensures that each area of our agency's work receives the attention and focus it deserves, enabling us to provide high-quality services across the board.


Alena Slostina
Partner and Creative Director, branding and positioning

In all markets, companies aim to persuade customers to choose them. Strong brands have the power to motivate and inspire. At A2studio, I generate ideas that infuse brands and communications with meaning.


My responsibilities include:

– managing creative teams, 

– developing branding and positioning strategies, 

– creating corporate identities and packaging, and 

– producing advertising creatives and content for companies. 

I strive to create a comprehensive, three-dimensional brand experience, which involves multiple interactions with the brand, from conception to final touchpoints.

With 11 years of experience in marketing and 6 years of specialization in branding, I bring a wealth of expertise to A2studio’s branding and positioning team.


Roman Bakhaiev
Partner and Head of Event marketing & BTL department 


Having received a degree in Marketing, I plunged headlong into work in the field of marketing and advertising. My specialization is to create marketing in action, performance for companies. I make the contact of the consumer with your brand bright and unforgettable. 

Over the course of 13 years, I have developed projects for a range of clients, including Philip Morris, JTI, JoinUp, SkyUp, Tiffany&Co, and Turkish Airlines, among others.

Andrey Senkevich

Partner and Head of WEB department 


My main product is promotional and corporate websites with a focus on creativity, animation and graphics. Almost all running sites we run on support. More than 85% of our clients make repeated orders for website development because they are satisfied with the result.

Today, my main focus is on complex work with the presentation and promotion of my clients’ companies on the Internet.

With 10 years experience in web development and digital marketing.

Anton Slostinn

Partner and Head of Strategy & Counsulting  Department


My professional background is in the economic sphere, which gives me an understanding of how businesses operate, their risks, and how to manage them.

I believe that marketing should be supported by data to be effective. By using data to inform marketing decisions, businesses can make more informed choices and develop campaigns that resonate with their target audience. This leads to better engagement, higher conversions, and a stronger ROI for the business.

With 18 years of experience in business analytics and strategy, I bring a data-driven approach to my marketing work.


At A2studio, our team of over 50 skilled professionals in marketing, design, web development, communications, and events work collaboratively to bring a unique and diverse perspective to every project. We are dedicated to continuous growth and development, both as individuals and as a collective unit. By working with a variety of international and local brands, we are constantly expanding our expertise and gaining valuable experience that we can apply to future projects. 


The greatest value in working with A2studio is gaining access to our talented team members, each with their own unique personality and a drive for continuous growth and development.