We create a corporate identity as an integral system of elements that works on all media and forms dense associations of the product with your brand. Graphics fill your business with emotions and aesthetics. We develop logos, packaging design, outdoor advertising, printing, communication materials and souvenirs to attract an audience to your brand.

The benefits you will get from strong branding

Increasing awareness

Influx of new customers

Contrast your products with competitors’ products

Loyalty of current customers

Reduction of promotion costs

Creation of advertising materials, packages and souvenirs is simplified

Stability of demand during the crisis

The ability to sell more expensive than competitors based on value

We find an individual approach to each request, but in general, the range of branding services includes strategy, corporate identity creation and communication strategy.

It is necessary to understand that branding is a complex project in which design cannot appear without a strategic basis, and the brand will not be able to demonstrate effectiveness without a well—built communication system. Our goal is for your brand to permeate every stage of a potential customer’s contact with your product.

Logo development

We develop a logo and corporate identity elements that will attract the attention and appeal to your audience.

We find an accurate and clear name that conveys the character of the brand.

We are creating a visual brand identification system: from an idea to a brandbook.


We create a product package that will distinguish it from competitors and favorably emphasize the advantages of the product.

We fix a group of creative specialists behind the project for regular marketing support.

We study the business and audience, competitors’ brands and the best design solutions in the field of your product category. We form the semantic platform of the brand.

Our approach
Analytics at the heart of solutions

We investigate, formulate and test hypotheses, guided by business objectives. We develop a design that supports the company’s strategy.


We convey the benefits of the product and create added value through a high level of performance.

The difference

We create visual and verbal images that help to identify the brand quickly and unambiguously.

Design system

We maintain recognition at every touch point — website, social networks, advertising, signage, media.

Design support

We take projects for regular marketing support if there are no or insufficient resources of internal designers.

Specialists will work on your project:

Project Manager

Art Director


Сообщается с участниками, что в результате взаимодействия со участниками собирается информация о компании и продукте. Выстраивает эффективную работу, кажется, представляет каждый этап работы

Responsible for the quality level of naming and design, gives recommendations and guides designers in the development process, selects work options, checks and approves the name and design.

Analyzes competitors’ brands, studies trends in design. Generates ideas for a style that forms associative images and conveys brand positioning. Develops a logo and a design system.

Creative team

Marketing specialist

Generates ideas of names, slogans and descriptors that meet the company’s positioning and other pre-established criteria.

Conducts an audit of external communications of competitors and representatives of related fields, explores local and global trends in design in the field of brand activity. Makes a clear idea of how your product will be associated with your brand and how it will help to achieve a better result.

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