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At A2 Studio, we had the honor of working with Australian singer Dana and her music school to develop their brand identity and website design. The project presented a unique challenge as it involved creating a brand image that was both elegant and edgy, to match Dana’s contrasting appearance and voice.

We began the project by conducting research into Dana’s music style and the target audience for her school. Based on this research, we decided to create a logo and corporate identity that were simple and clean, with a black and white color scheme that reflected Dana’s sophisticated and modern style. The logo was designed to be versatile, with the ability to be used across multiple mediums such as social media, merchandise, and marketing materials.

To complement the branding, we created a website design that was easy to navigate and visually striking. The website features a black and white color scheme, high contrast patterns, and a sleek design that makes it easy for users to find information about the school’s classes, schedules, and events. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to easily access the site from their smartphones and tablets.

Overall, we are proud of the work we did for Dana and her school. The logo and corporate identity we designed are timeless and versatile, while the website design is both functional and visually stunning. Our focus on simplicity and elegance perfectly captures the essence of Dana’s music and style.

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Dana logo with intricate patterns in black and white
Logo design for singer Dana
Business card and letterhead design for Dana in black and white
Corporate identity design for singer Dana
Dana website design with black and white color scheme
Website design for singer Dana